About Atelier Olivette

My brand name 'Olivette' started in 2008. It's the name I use to express my creativity. I 'm not done with exploring my interests and possibilities. I'm a ceramicist since 2016 and named my own studio 'Atelier Olivette'. I trained wheel trowing with Christiane Zeghers and Marianne Lebrun, and followed courses with Hein Severijns and Sue McLeod to learn more about glazing. My studio is located in my backyard, a place where I can experiment, explore, create and fail. Just my own place...

Working with clay

There is nothing more relaxing than working with clay. It's wonderful to see how a lump of earth is transformed into something beautiful. Being a potter asks for patience. It doesn't happen by itself. You need to practice a lot and deal with success and failure. I don't aspire to reproduce exactly the same pieces. The beauty of pottery lies in the uniqueness of each handmade piece. If you want to learn more on how I make my pottery, you can read the section 'Production'.

My first potter's wheel was an old and robust wheel that I received for free. It was a bit slow, but perfect for me. I practiced on this wheel for 5 years. In 2021 I bought a new wheel, quick and silent, but not as beautiful. It brings the peace that demands the slow pace of pottery. 

I make tableware and utensils that are timeless, simple and unique. I use different types of clay which I often glaze transparent, so the unique characteristics of the clay remain visible.  Recently I started creating my own glazes. This adds colour to my collection.  I have a lot of ideas and plans, I just need time to realise them...